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Cerita Satu Minggu…

by on Oct.09, 2012, under aRcLife

Erk! Tak sedar da 9 hari rupanya aku kat Bumi Kenyalang ni. Cepat sungguh masa berlalu~ They say that time flies when you are having a good time (err…good ke? :P )

So far, alhamdulillah…things are looking good. Hiccups here and there biasalah tu…no need to complain, suck it up and keep on moving anyway.

First week yang agak boleh tahan. Kat tempat keje, bos suh covering dia sebab beliau tiada satu minggu. Merasalah kejap jadik boss…ehehehe. Seronok gak jadik boss….tapi tak syioknya bila kerja sendiri tak dapat nak buat. Mulalah bertimbun. Tapi, secara singkatnya, a good experience la. On job training orang kata….mana la tahu satu hari nanti kan? Aminnn~~ :D

Erm, balik ke bilik yang aku sewa lepas balik kerja…yang menariknya:

Lapik kepala/bedtime story 1st night in Bintulu

2nd night da beli bantal! :D

3rd night da beli cushion pulak! baru complete~

That should sum it up! Hehehe~

Today, the 9th day. Alhamdulillah, baru dapat menjalankan kerja² dengan agak teratur. Lots are still waiting still…

Insyaallah, don’t stop believing and keep holding on~

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1001 Mixed Feelings

by on Sep.27, 2012, under aRcLife

*blows off dusts and cobwebs*


A sudden urge to write wildly appeared~

True, it’s been awhile…but recent events made me feel like have to express a bit of myself somewhere I felt I can just let it out.


Alhamdulillah, cumulatively more than 1 year and half, I have been working. Now at another workplace since my last job at Penang. A very drastic change of nature of work – from construction site to office based environment. Some part of me do sometime misses life at site. But hey, once an engineer, always an engineer, right? Then again, I said to myself to never look back. I’ll always remember the wise word of my principal during my MJSC time, “Go beyond.”

Geographically, I’m also getting farther away from my family. From Penang to Terengganu…it is a quite long journey. I still remember the first day I arrived here back then. Driving myLisa all the way from SP to Kerteh via KL. As time goes by, I learnt that distance is just mere numbers when the destination is dear at heart. True enough.

Lots have happened for the past 9 – 10 months, particularly the last one month. New job here is not bad at all, in fact I’m looking forward on what’s ahead. I am now counting days, no, hours, for another chapter of my working life. Will soon be transferred to over the sea with 1001 mixed feelings.  Excited, sad, happy, gloomy…just name it and 99% I’ll be positive of it.

All that I can hope, and pray, is that Allah the Almighty, will give me strength and courage to hold on and succeed at new place. Support from my peers, specifically of everyone I have been very close here at Kerteh, would be much much appreciated. Doakan aku ya rakan2! :’)



Insyaallah, don’t stop believing and keep holding on~


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